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What are the advantages of a house call, especially in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

What are the advantages of a house call, especially in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic?


If there’s one thing we know about the last six months, is that life is continually changing and can often be unpredictable. Personal safety in the healthcare field has moved to the forefront of concern for patients, providers, parents, and guardians. Additionally, keeping costs low while maintaining a high quality of comprehensive care is an important aspect of today’s healthcare that remains important to patients and providers alike. Furthermore, Health and Wellness Medical Services is dedicated to serving patients in independent and assisted living facilities whose populations have been particularly targeted by the coronavirus. Here are five benefits that make primary care house calls prudent and necessary for you and your loved ones. 


Hassel-Free On-Site Visits 


Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care 


Simple, Easy Billing 


Quality Preventative Care 

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